An attack on our future


Loss of two academic years


During the pandemic around 16 crore children from Government schools lost the ability to continue with their education. This is about 2/3rd of the total school going children population in India. Left without digital connectivity these kids are still languishing in helplessness.

A mountain of a challenge

Access-to-education went from physical to digital overnight

Less than 30% of Government schools barely had a computer and very few students had access to a dedicated device as most of them come from underprivileged background. This translates to an immediate need for lakhs of laptops and smart phones.

An opportunity to become a ‘ShareShah’

A device, a rupee, or a word of mouth

This independence day exhorts you to help the nation surmount this challenge by sharing a laptop or a smartphone with a child in need. We are working with the relevant government authorities, education department officials & school headmasters directly to ensure your devices reach deserving students.

How can you become a SHARESHAH


    a new/old laptop
    or smartphone


    any amount for
    a device


    ye mission
    maange shor

Do your bit & check your email for a surprise

How it works?

Inviting you to be a ‘SOULdier’ in this
Mission of Josh Community

Why do we call you a SOULdier?

When nation calls, everyone wants to fight for it. But, every war is not at the border & everyone cannot be a Soldier. As a community, we can help a soul in need and become a SOULdier.

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